Friday, December 14, 2012

The Syllables of Pain

It is a good thing that this Blog exists for days like today.

Words can not carry any weight in the shadow of such an inexplicable and devastating tragedy.  To even capture one word that can convey the sadness, nausea, anger, desperation, helplessness, or any emotion that can be linked to the slaughter of these innocent children and their teachers, is impossible.

What can any one say to the mother of the 5 year old that was one minute finger painting her name and the next minute lying in a pool of her own innocent blood?  There is no word.  There is no comfort.

As a mother, I immediately Facebooked my husband and told him to pick up the boys.  He said no.  We can't live in the shadows of fear.  Horse crap.  My kids aren't safe at the movie theaters.  My kids aren't safe at school.  In short...we are not safe.  Around every corner is some lunatic with a mission to teach us all a lesson.

It is useless to have a debate about guns right now.  I am not so much pro-gun as I am anti-big-government.  This guy didn't buy his guns legally, so all the gun laws in the world weren't going to stop him. Guys like him would have found any way to complete the mission.  Pain can use any number of tools; evil has every tool at its disposal.

People need words so they can heal.  And, so they go to the words they know...ban the guns...get rid of the gun video games...change the culture.  In a sense, these words make sense, but they don't resurrect the lives that were splintered, shattered, and broken today.

What do we do to heal?  How do we stretch our hands across the earth to help the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, friends, teachers, survivors? 

There is nothing they can do but cry.  There is nothing we can do but cry.

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